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Feeling Lost?… Time to Bet on Yourself

Undoubtedly most of you either have or had felt alone and lost at some point during your divorce healing journey. I had as well, especially in the beginning. My state-required 12 months of separation was before a final Divorce Decree motion could be filed. In my mind, 12 months was a lot of time to think, dwell, and worry while trying to rebuild my life. I also needed a more sustainable job with benefits. So how was I going accomplish this amidst everything else I had going on?

Five months into my separation lined up with holiday movie specials being on TV just before Christmas. On a Sunday evening in 2020, while watching (Home Alone 2 Lost in New York) when I had an epiphany. Having been alone with no children that evening and lost in my thoughts, I knew my path forward wasn't going to be sustainable unless I made a move on my behalf. I had to hedge a bet on myself in probably one of the darkest times in my life. My goal for the morning was to get up and find that new job.

After sleeping on the idea, I remember waking up just as motivated that Monday morning. By 9 am I had secured a direct line of communication with my group's CEO. We had set up a phone interview that coming Wednesday that preceded an in-person interview at a conference room in an FBO at the Savannah Airport on Saturday. A job offer came 48 hours later that I accepted.

Friends, there will be many times when you are home alone and lost in your thoughts. I encourage you to remain self-aware and listen to your gut. You may feel the deck is stacked, but remember you are resilient and deserve success and happiness. My advice is to do not be afraid to bet on yourself. Had I not reached out to some of my close colleagues in my profession, I would not have secured that interview. An interview that turned into an offer and now a job that has provided additional stability and growth.

Do not be afraid during your healing journey to do something for you! Putting that suit on and going to that interview had me more motivated than I had been in years. Do you want to know why? Because I realized I was becoming more self-aware and was taking positive steps forward for my well-being. Are you ready to bet on yourself?

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