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Foundation Leads to Framing

It seems for most that 2022 has started a bit more bumpy than we all expected. Does this sound similar? Does this year already have you stressed?

Feeling stressed, I decided to schedule an appointment with my therapist for a tune-up. While sitting there as she reviewed her notes, she told me it had been six months since my last visit. What was once a weekly scheduled session had now turned into a six-month interval since my last visit. This visit was also different because of more positive self-reflection vs. seeking guidance. So what made this session different than others?

During the session, she reminded me that I was still in the rebuilding phase of my life moving forward. Has there been immense progress despite feeling exhausted? Yes, there was! This time though, as I sat there discussing a continued positive path moving forward, two new thoughts popped into my head. The first was that my foundation footings were solid, and I was on to the framing stage. The new timbers were going up!! The second was that I was no longer carrying around the burnt timbers of my toxic marriage; by burnt timbers, I mean excess baggage. I had done the work to make the ground clean and clear of the debris that had held me back in the beginning. I was no longer tied down!!! I understood more fully that I am now actively pursuing the life I want.

So what are the morals of this post?

1). On the days you feel lost, keep moving forward because you may be farther along in your healing journey than you believe.

2). Having a clear insight, mindset, and commitment to healing will set the stage for building a stable foundation to rebuild your life.

3). Regular maintenance of your emotional healing does not mean you are a backslide. Remember you are still actively contributing to your journey forward.

My hope for you all is that you will be able to put the excess baggage down and lighten your load. Doing so will allow you to pick up the pace of your path forward. I can attest that it does help. Lastly, stay committed to yourself and your core values, which will lead to the substantial rebuilding of your life. Cheers to 2022, and I hope your healing journey is well underway.

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