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The Evolution(s) of Post Divorce Healing.

Remember early in your healing, and it used to be 1 step forward and 2-3 steps back? The valleys were also super broad in between trying to climb up the next hill to reach the next peak. Do you remember the sheer exhaustion? I can attest that I certainly do, but the struggle made me stronger as it will you.

I have always been a fan of watching shows, especially shows about military training, including boot camp and, more specifically, Navy Seal training. I have always been exceptionally intrigued by the structured approach and the constant evolution training they must master to move forward. Their version of evolution training includes significant physical endurance, team building, and emotional endurance training, among many other components. So, where do surviving evolutions fall into post-divorce or grief healing?

Speaking on behalf of myself on this one, I have overcome more changes in the last year and a half than expected. These changes have included a new job, four moves, amongst healing, and discovering more about the life I want to live moving forward. Each "change" or "evolution," as I like to consider them now, has brought forth tremendous emotional growth. So how can you determine you're growing in these evolutions of change?

One of my favorite new terms to discuss with others' healing is Emotional Maturity. Emotional maturity is managing one's emotions no matter their circumstances. And if you were like me initially, this was a struggle navigating through the early stages of grief. Through many of the changes I have overcome, my previous triggers have become a thing of the past. I now ease into significant life changes much more calmly and no longer feel like I am getting pushed backward. The calmness came from reaching the acceptance phase in my healing journey and continued work moving forward.

Friends, I hope this post finds you in a spot of your evolution (s). One thing in life is that change is a constant similar to all the seasons we face. Each change you successfully conquer will place you in a better location for the next phase of your healing journey. Continuing to work on your emotional maturity will make you stronger and allow growth to continue conquering life's evolutions. It will also put you in a unique space to inspire and motivate others in their healing journey.

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