The Therapist Advantage

Navigating life, in general, can be a challenge, especially following a traumatic life event. People also experience anxiety, depression, fear, childhood trauma, including a host of other problems that would exceed the parameters of this post. So what is the key in allowing a healthy path forward in your life? How to you unparalyze yourself from the fear holding you back?

I have found speaking to a therapist key in navigating my ship through both stormy and calm seas. Opening up to a therapist allows you to further self-examine your thoughts and think outside of the box. It also lets you gain a better perspective of rediscovering your true self and core values. The peaks and valleys of healing from a traumatic life event for me seemed to blur together. I would be on top of the mountain in one moment and pushed back down seconds later. So how did I stabilize my footing to prevent a dramatic backslide?

The answer is I worked with a therapist on Reframing. Reframing teaches you to shift your mindset and refocus the lens on all of the good you are doing to rebuild your life. Working with a therapist also allows you to take off the blinders and open your eyes to self-healing. Again, I wanted a firm foundation on which to rebuild my life. I was committed to doing this also void of developing poor coping mechanisms. For me, there was no stigma with working hard with a therapist to overcome adversity associated with my divorce.

So is there a Therapist Advantage? In my case, I can confidently say yes! Working with one and continuing to do so has provided a better avenue for my path forward. I have also found myself advocating more for others to seek assistance when facing adversity in their life. So now you have to ask yourself… Are you ready for the advantage?